What happens if we were all incorrect? For over 20 years, the suggestion that China will be the brand-new power of the 21st century, destined to supplant the USA of America and also the West, has actually spread out anywhere, ushering in a brand-new method to the economy, politics and also connections in between state and residents.
However this China perturbed as a bogeyman veicolo elettrico or worshiped as a „white knight” of decadent western economies is just among the lots of feasible Chinas, maybe not also the most likely: Beniamino Natale, ANSA correspondent in Beijing for over ten years and also former reporter from New Delhi, leads to the discovery of the Middle Realm of the Xi Jinping age, the leader who came to power in 2012 who many now call „the new Mao”, trying to demolish any pretension surrounding the most populous nation in the world.
Between questions regarding the efficient economic power of the Chinese model and also the silence of the business West on the actual conditions of opponents, movie critics, minorities and also man in the streets, „China: The terrific illusion” is a journey of uncertainty via the streets of Peking national politics and also the commercial megacities, the guarda anche la bici elettrica courses of Tibet and also Xinjiang commonly bulletproof to western journalists and also the controversies of wonderful Hong Kong, to the waters of the West China Sea, where winds of war strike. The digital book is embellished with the photos of the photojournalist Alessandro Digaetano, World Press Photo 2005 reward in the Contemporary Issues group who has actually stayed in China for over 6 years, informing tales with his shots in every corner of the Eastern continent.

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